Autoclave Horizontal (Cylinderical)

Following the guidance of our skilled professionals, we offer Autoclave Ho

Multi Functional Patient Care Manikin

Multi Functional Patient Care Manikin

We bring forth the superior quality Multi Functional Patient Care Manikin, which is easy to use, solid and durable. These are especially fabricated using soft and half-hard PVC plastics as per the set quality standards. These are fitted with movable parts and each part can be disassembled. Our collection is offered at much discounted rates.

It can demonstrate following items:
Washing face and bathing the bed ridden patient
Care and cleaning of the mouth
Care and cleaning of trachea dissection
Inhalation of oxygen (nasal cork or nasal catheter)
Nasal lavage
Stomach lavage
Heart infection
Heart resuscitating on chest
Chest puncture
Liver puncture
Kidney puncture
Abdomen puncture
Medulla puncture
Lumbar puncture
Deltoid injection
Deltoid hypodermic injection
Vein injection
Vein puncture
Vein transfusion
Vein blood transfusion
Urethral catherization of women
Muscular injection on buttocks